Success stories


"Since the introduction of the network monitoring, the monitoring of the service SWITCHengines “Infrastructure-as-a-Service”, which is in the process of being set up and the domain name registration have been added into eRanger™. The smooth operation even of these services can be displayed today in one eRanger™ view, till to the control of customers efficient work."

Christoph Graf

Head of Supporting Operations

Switch - Serving Swiss Universities



"The detailed data recording, the end-to-end mapping and the complete documentation of all dependencies between the different services and the underlying ATM components, ensure a high degree of transparency."

"Through the real-time monitoring, it is possible to control the subcontractors more precisely and they may less often carry out than before."

"Our focus was clear from the beginning, the end-to-end real-time monitoring by a dashboard."

Ingo Sievers

Head Business Development

Diebold Selbstbedienungssysteme (Schweiz) GmbH





"Year after year Switch will integrate additional services into the pro-active Junisphere management solution, explains Christoph Graf. Mr. Graf sees that the monitoring platform provides a significant advantage for the introduction of new services. „Our focus is not on systems, but on the customer. Current availability and performance problems are detected early and can be resolved. This fact speaks for eRanger™, as well as the possibility to provide service quality documentation anytime."

Christoph Graf

Head of Supporting Operations

Switch - Serving Swiss Universities




ETH Zürich

"In the light of the performance available with eRangerTM there is no longer any reason to operate duplicate systems: "On the contrary, the simplification allows us to further increase the level of automation in the monitoring system," he adds. Besides the technical systems that will soon be monitored with the more advanced eRangerTM dashboards, it will in future be possible to integrate measurement data on a process level. At the end of the day, Jürgen Winkelmann says in summing up, we will have a central point giving a 360° view of all processes and systems."

Jürgen Winkelmann

Head of System Services

ETH Zurich – IT Services




Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

"As one of the largest ICT service providers in Switzerland, Swisscom plays a pioneering role with its integrated process and IT architecture in the overall development of service delivery and operation. "This means that it is no longer a problem for us to satisfy changing and new business opportunities," states Christian Matter. The Junisphere monitoring platform ensures that service monitoring meets the highest demands. "And we can integrate new services at any time – meaning that there are no obstacles to the planned further expansion of our range of services," says the Swisscom project manager, summing up."

Christian Matter,

Senior Project Manager, GPL WTC 3.0

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG





Amt für Informatik und Organisation Zug

"All those involved in the project spoke the same language and understood the needs of each other. This is crucial to mutual success."

"What I also much appreciated was the reliability of Junisphere – we experienced no nasty surprises and were able to complete the project in the given time and budget."

René Loepfe

Head of AIO, Kanton Zug


Bedag Informatik AG

"As a strategic solution, the eReality® Suite plays a key role in our entire infrastructure and monitors a total of 6,700 different service level objects, 2,500 devices and 11,500 jobs. For this reason, we have two employees who deal almost exclusively with the Junisphere solution. In terms of monitoring the availability and performance of our systems, it is hardly possible to imagine working without the eReality® Suite."

Edwin Wiedmer

Head of the Basisbetriebszentrum and

member of the executive board

Bedag Informatik AG


Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW

"The solution by Junisphere has many advantages and fulfils all of our requirements. With the eReality® Suite, we have all relevant services and the underlying ICT infrastructure under control in real time and end-to-end. We particularly appreciate the transparency that we have achieved – it strengthens the users’ trust in ICT significantly and there are far fewer discussions. Also the cooperation with the people from Junisphere was always a professional partnership and characterized by mutual trust. We will use the consulting and implementation expertise of Junisphere also for the implementation of future services."

Niklaus Lang,

Head of Information and Communication Technology, FHNW

Peter Fuchs,

Head of Business Applications, FHNW


Raiffeisen Schweiz

"All of our payment transactions, incoming and outgoing, are now monitored in near real-time. Junisphere is professional, methodical and understands our processes, so we will transfer further Business processes over to eReality® Solutions in the short and long term."

Adrian Töngi, Front Services departement manager

Markus Beck, Business Technology Office Front Services manager

Raiffeisen Schweiz



Swisscom AG

"We want to offer our large customers total solutions that cover the entire value chain – this starts with expert advice and continues to the operation and its continuous monitoring so as to detect potential errors in a service at an early stage and notify customers about them proactively. Junisphere's eReality® Suite is of great help for this task."

Urs Haag,

Head of Operations Management
Swisscom (Switzerland) AG