Our customers

Banks, insurance companies and financial services

providers use our methods and the cockpits to create transparency in business processes and show their dependencies on IT services and ICT infrastructure. This helps them to increase their rates in customer acquisition, to achieve compliance with specifications, governance and regulatory requirements and, at the same time, to sustainably reduce the risks of their business activities.


Management and administration departments

use our methods and cockpits to better adjust to the requirements of their users and end customers. Furthermore, our solution supports troubleshooting and bug fixing during daily operation and hence increases readiness for service and availability.



Service providers and contractors

develop their new services and market offers such as process outsourcing, cloud, multimedia and collaboration services based on our method and consequently increase their sales. Furthermore, our solution enables them to make their agreed Service Level Agreements visible for the customers and their own business.

Industry and trade

use our solutions for adjusting centralised IT services to their own business processes on a need basis, for standardising of ICT services and service levels, and simultaneously for maintaining the flexibility in relation to the business sectors and to sustainably save costs



Selected costumers